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Marketing Map-and-Click

In a competitive marketplace, marketing becomes critical than ever. Companies spend fortune to reach potential customers. Read how our web-based, integrated solution allows our client to save Marketing costs by accurately targeting the leads.

Carrier Rate Management System?

Carrier and their rate management has become overly complex task. Visibility into carrier costs for each route helps develop competitive prices. Our solution provides a web-based solution to improve profitability!

Are Open Source Applications Matured?

Open Source Applications are around for 10+ years. Adoption of these applications in enterprises is marginal. So, now, is it right to say, “Open Source Applications are adequately matured and ready”?

Applicant Management System

Gathering various documents from constituents, requesting for more documentation, appropriately routing documents within the organizations, communicating with constituents, gathering the feedback/comments from approvers and finally receiving the acceptance/rejection decisions is tedious, manual, error-prone and costly business process.

Our Applicant Management System streamlines these complex error-prone processes, eliminates several manual steps and saves money. A simple yet powerful Sharepoint-based solution is what you may need.

Sharepoint Sucks? Not Really...

When a major telecom client invited us to identify a solution to address their project reporting challenges, we suggested a SharePoint-based solution. However, this is what our client executive expressed his opinions about SharePoint. Today, after using our SharePoint-based Project Reporting and Management solution, he and his colleagues cannot imagine a day without our solution.

We believe that several people bash SharePoint due to lack of awareness about what SharePoint really is.

Got Sharepoint?

Almost 78% of Fortune 500 businesses have been using SharePoint. With advent of Office 365 and Microsoft’s Sharepoint licensing, Sharepoint is within reach of SMBs These companies consider SharePoint as a great platform that plays pivotal role in their business growth. Why? Why SharePoint is the preferred choice for these companies?

Within just weeks and with a limited budget, robust applications can be implemented using SharePoint. Moreover, such applications can generate an ROI in less than 6 months.

E-Commerce Platform Which Exceeds Your Expectations

At some or the other time, E-store hosts are accosted with the task of choosing a suitable e-commerce platform for their precise requirements. I am sure; everyone would agree that there are, indeed, a number of parameters to gauge with respect to the abilities, suitability and competence while choosing the “perfect” e-commerce platform.

The e-commerce platform offered by the workMETHODS comes to a quick rescue. WorkMETHODS is a company involved in providing software solutions to diverse client needs in the e-stores domain.

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