Customer Relationship Management


Our client is a large government sponsored enterprise chartered by the US Congress with a mission to provide liquidity and stability into the housing and mortgage markets. The client had already purchased CRM. They were looking for a team who could install, customize and integrate CRM. Moreover, the client desired to replace few divisional-level campaign management applications with single centralized CRM .

Our Solution

Our professionals worked with the client and charted a two-year plan to install, customize and integrate CRM. The plan included roll out schedule for different divisions. Additionally, the plan included schedule for migrating existing data from divisional-level campaign management systems into CRM.

workMETHODS successfully installed CRM. According to requirements from few key departments, workMETHODS customized the campaign management, sales force automation and customer support modules. Workflows were customized to automate individual division’s business processes. Custom reports and views were customized to meet the needs of different user groups.

This CRM was integrated into upstream and downstream IT systems to exchange information. As the CRM was chosen as master of customer information, web services were built. For data exchange, we leveraged existing Informatica Powercenter to perform ETL functions.

Replacing marketing campaign management applications with CRM was complex effort than previously perceived. workMETHODS successfully addressed client’s organizational issues as well as technical challenges while combining the data onto one platform. Transition for few users from email based campaigns to an enterprise grade application was a steep learning curve. Centralizing leads and customers data, particularly the email preferences, were challenging due to the data quality.

The client IT was heavily regulated. workMETHODS had to follow customer’s custom methodology for project management. Our Project Managers prepared documentation mandated by the methodology as well as rigorous process for migrating changes to CRM. Project Managers worked with the project audit department to ensure compliance. workMETHODS had to build development, test, user acceptance and production environments for CRM along with all customization and relevant data. At the end of the project, workMETHODS handed over CRM implementation to the client’s IT department.

Improved Productivity
The solution provided a single integrated application for handling all business right from campaign management to customer support. Moreover, the solution centralized customer data, sales data and marketing campaign data. This presented opportunities for management to build meaningful inter-divisional reports. Uniform application behavior reduced training costs.
Moreover, automated integration ensured faster data flow between peripheral systems.
Employees could access this CRM from anywhere over secured connection.
The solution improved overall productivity.

Regulation Compliance
The solution ensures that no emails are sent to email addresses that have opted out from receiving emails for the client.

Reduced Marketing Costs
This enterprise grade application replaced few email vendors and software that departments used for sending emails.
Centralized Campaign Management
Centralized database of customers allowed our client to manage the campaigns as well as customer subscribtions better.

Tighter Data Integration
Informatica allowed seamless data exchange between upstream and downstream systems.

Project Management
Ensured that project management methodologies mandated by the regulatory bodies were followed.

Smooth Knowledge Transfer
workMETHODS handed over CRM implementation to the client’s IT department.
Informatica Powercenter
Windows 2008 Servers
SQl Server 2008
.NET 3.0
IT Strategy
workMETHODS worked with IT and business groups to strategize the implementation and integration processes.

IT Turnkey Solution
workMETHODS developed a custom solution based on above technologies.